A new product name!

From Zaurek to PlanGID!
PlanGID means "Plan and Get It Done"  !

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New user interface!
Simpler, faster, and geared towards efficiency!

Newly redesigned to help you get even more things done!
Also new features such as JIRA integration!
Slack integration coming soon!

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Easily organize your projects and tasks!

That way, you will understand better where time is spent for a given sprint/project.

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Manage features from Dev to Review to QA easily! Oh yeah, it's that good!

No need to have multiple tickets!
Also multiple people can work on the same task together and get credit for time spent!
Some tasks need more than one person
(in-person code reviews, architecture discussions, etc...)

No need to fill up a large number of fields! You can quickly create a task.
Only a few fields are needed to create a task.
Supplemental fields are often prepopulated based on how you use the system!
Lots of nifty features have been added to help you spend less time on managing projects and more time on getting things done!

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And lastly, increase Productivity! Checkmate.

With built-in analytics, you can see where you have spent your time
or where you will be spending your time in the next few weeks / months and organize your projects / tasks appropriately. For example, you may find out that in the next 7 days, you are going to spend 80% of your time on generating reports.
But you also have a deadline to get ProjectZ done in 2 weeks. You can easily see which categories you are scheduled to spend your time and modify acordingly to get things done on time!

Over time, you will become a master at managing your tasks / projects!

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